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Who We Are

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Alteri Wealth is a comprehensive wealth management firm founded by Michelle Gruber and Alex Markowitz in 2024.

The experienced financial advisors established the firm as an independent SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in order to be able to serve in a fiduciary capacity and always act in the best interests of clients. Formerly, this successful financial team was a part of a large wirehouse/bank structure. Ultimately, they found themselves wondering if there was a better way to serve clients and decided to establish Alteri Wealth to provide the freedom and framework they’d need to fulfill their mission.

The Meaning of Alteri

The word altruism was popularized in the 19th century as the antonym to egoism. Derived from the Latin term “alteri” – meaning “other people” or “somebody else” – altruism means putting the wellbeing of others above oneself. We decided to name our firm Alteri Wealth because not only do we serve as true fiduciaries, but our clients also embrace philanthropic causes and charitable initiatives.


Alteri Wealth provides Wealth Management services to high-net-worth clients and Family Office services to ultra-high-net-worth clients, delivering comprehensive financial planning, holistic advice, investment advisory, retirement income planning, risk management, and coordinated strategies to help clients identify legacy goals, preserve wealth, protect assets, and reach their financial goals.

Meet Our Team

The people who comprise the team at Alteri Wealth are truly special. Their dedication to serving our clients affably and professionally, while giving back to their community and living rich and full lives themselves, distinguishes us from other wealth management firms. Get to know our team members by clicking the photos below.

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