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Meet Breann

Breann M. Young, CRPC™
Client Relationship Manager

A seasoned financial services veteran with an impressive 22-year tenure, Breann Young serves as Alteri Wealth’s Client Relationship Manager. Breann has fostered an exclusive experience for clients through personalized and proactive outreach tailored for each client’s specific needs. Her main responsibilities include co-managing the team’s concierge-style servicing model, executing client trade orders, and resolving complex client inquiries. She has long dedicated herself to providing outstanding service and attention to clients and their families.

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As one of the senior leaders of our service team, Breann is responsible for building stronger client relationships in all phases of client and account services.

She is committed to addressing clients' needs and concerns with sensitivity and confidentiality.

Breann delivers customized service support to clients, as well as a high level of internal services to the advisor team. She plays a key role as part of the team that helps clients manage their investments and lifestyle so they can pursue desired goals and aspirations.

Beyond the boardroom, Breann finds joy in her role as a devoted wife and mother to two teenage boys in Simi Valley. She balances her professional prowess with a passion for community involvement, volunteering with her children’s youth organizations, as well as her love of doing Yoga and weightlifting. Come weekends, she trades her financial acumen for off-road adventures with her family and exploring the great outdoors with their dirt bikes and Jeeps.
With Breann at the helm, clients not only benefit from her professional expertise, but also from her unwavering dedication to delivering tailored support and facilitating their journey towards their financial goals and aspirations.

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