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Wealth Management

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We are independent – which allows us to serve as your fiduciary, putting your best interests first.

From comprehensive goals-based planning, holistic advice, retirement income planning, risk management, and coordinated strategies to help you identify your legacy goals, navigate mortgages, and finance purchases, we provide everything you need to feel confident financially. For high-net-worth clients, we are especially concerned about risk management and asset protection, often using sophisticated planning tools to mitigate potential liabilities.

Who We Serve

High Energy Achievers

We love working with high energy business achievers, founders, entrepreneurs, physicians, athletes, entertainers and creators at the top of their game, with lots of gas in the tank and a passion for what they do and how their solutions, creations, and/or inspiration could make a difference in the world.

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Successful Women

Successful women who have become or have always been the primary breadwinners for their families. Whether single, divorced or widowed, they make most of or all of the money for the family and guide all or most of the financial decisions. Often pulled in a gazillion directions so must constantly triage priorities and leverage their time and resources in order to focus on what matters most.

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Family Stewards

Couples and individuals planning for or in the work optional phase of life and thinking about how to live life to the fullest, including passing on their values as well as their valuables to their children and other family members or special causes.

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Investment Approach

We take a conventional, fundamental approach to investing, using individual securities, ETFs, and tax free municipal and corporate bonds, and with a sprinkling of mutual funds when appropriate. We lean toward separately managed accounts (SMAs) to best address the needs of individual clients. We also use third-party money managers, which allows our clients access to some of the world’s leading investment professionals. For some of our clients, we consider appropriate alternative investments, private equity, private real estate, private credit, and securities-based lending.

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Goals-Based Financial Planning

Financial planning is an important element for all our clients. When our clients are still in their peak earning years, it is important to map out their goals – and to create a plan to help them realize their dreams. Life is full of surprises so we try to anticipate what we can and build a safety moat around our clients’ total financial well-being.

When our clients are approaching retirement, we conduct a special planning session to look at their expected Social Security benefits and discuss their additional income needs. We work to enhance their income portfolio and structure their distributions to minimize any tax burden. 


Obviously, health care needs are an important consideration when planning for retirement. For clients who come to us earlier in their careers, we discuss Long Term Care insurance and the advantage of purchasing it at an age when it is relatively affordable. For clients without LTC insurance, we factor the retirement health care needs into the overall estate planning and portfolio withdrawal strategies to ensure that the money lasts as long as is necessary.

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Legacy and Estate Planning

As we help you navigate the complexities of a rich and full life, one of the things we’ll want to discuss is, beyond your lifetime, what assets will you leave? What causes will you support? How will you leave the world a better place? That’s why legacy and estate planning conversations are always a part of our planning process. Smart planning now can ensure that your wishes are realized now and in the future, long after you’re gone.

Put our experience, professional acumen, and deep commitment to fiduciary standards to work for you.

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