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Billion Dollar Breakaway, Alteri Wealth, Launches in SoCal as SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm

Co-founders Michelle Gruber and Alex Markowitz announced the official launch of Alteri Wealth, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory and wealth management firm based in Westlake Village, California. Prior to founding the new firm, the two principals, along with Senior Vice President Matthew Mullaly, collectively worked together at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, where they oversaw over a billion dollars in client assets.

“We found ourselves wondering if there was a better way to serve clients,” said Gruber. “Founding Alteri Wealth is the culmination of our vision and provides us with the freedom and framework needed to fulfill our mission, embracing the fiduciary standard and always acting in the best interests of our clients.”

“As an independent firm, we needed to select a custodian/brokerage firm to hold client assets and maintain account information,” explained Markowitz. “We chose Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (SCHW), a leading custodian for independent advisors and family offices, due to their robust platform and the access we now have thanks to Schwab Advisor Services and Schwab Advisor Family Office.”

“By leveraging the vast resources at our disposal – including state-of-the-art technology, professional legal, compliance and other consulting teams – we’re able to find innovative ways to connect all the pieces of our clients’ financial lives as they pursue their own unique north stars,” added Markowitz.


The word altruism was popularized in the 19th century as the antonym to egoism. Derived from the Latin term “alteri” – meaning “other people” or “somebody else” – altruism means putting the wellbeing of others above oneself. The co-founders decided to name their firm Alteri Wealth because not only do they now serve as true fiduciaries, but their clients also embrace philanthropic causes and charitable initiatives.

Alteri Wealth provides comprehensive wealth management services to high-net-worth clients, including financial planning, holistic advice, investment advisory, retirement income planning, risk management, and coordinated strategies to help clients identify legacy goals, protect assets, navigate mortgages, finance purchases, and feel confident financially. For ultra-high-net-worth families with complex financial lives, they also function as a Family Office and provide holistic tax planning, trust services, bespoke investment strategies, risk management, wealth transfer, personal CFO, bill pay, and concierge services in order to preserve wealth and maximize legacy while minimizing taxes. 

The firm launched with over $1 billion in assets under management (AUM) and specializes in working with high energy business achievers, founders, entrepreneurs, physicians, athletes, entertainers, and creators at the top of their game; successful women and women in transition; and family stewards looking for multigenerational planning.

“Wherever you may be in your life journey, we can help you pursue your true north, your goal, your dream – whatever you call it,” said Gruber. “We don't have magic wands or fairy dust to grant your wishes, but with our experience, integrity, guidance, and care, we can help you achieve your financial goals. That’s why our tagline is ‘follow your north star’ – it is an honor and a joy to work with our clients throughout the course of their lives, and through multiple generations as well.”


Michelle Gruber, CFP®, CRPC, Founder and Managing Partner, has over two decades of experience in the wealth management industry. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in finance from California State University Northridge, her journey began in commercial mortgage before she found her stride at UBS Financial Services and later Merrill Lynch Wealth Management – where she spent nearly 15 years, culminating in being named to Forbes’ 2024 list of Best-In-State Top Women Wealth Advisors.

Gruber’s mission is to empower women and couples through financial education and guidance. With a focus in financial planning, tax minimization, and generational wealth transfer, she takes pride in crafting personalized strategies to help her clients achieve their dreams. As a Certified Financial Planner professional™ (CFP®) and Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor™ (CRPC), she delves deep into her client’s lives to uncover their goals and challenges.

Alex Markowitz also serves as Founder and Managing Partner of Alteri Wealth. After graduating from UC San Diego, Cum Laude, with a Degree in Biological Anthropology and Chemistry, he pursued a Medical Degree only to realize early on that his true calling was in the financial services industry. He then spent the next 13 years rising his way through the ranks at Merrill Lynch, ultimately becoming a Senior Vice President and culminating with him making Forbes’ 2023 list of Best-In-State Next-Gen Wealth Advisors.

As his business grew, so did the needs of his clients and their families. Markowitz strived for a better way to comprehensively serve clients and also create the “Family Office of the future”, as his true passion has always been ingrained in helping others. By serving as clients’ “financial physician”, he takes a comprehensive approach from start to finish when diagnosing the unique needs of clients, their families, and the next generation.

The rest of the team at Alteri Wealth is comprised of Veronica Hoy as Chief Operating Officer, Roseann Higgins as Chief Compliance Officer, Matthew Mullaly as Senior Vice President, Breann Young as Client Relationship Manager, Celina Whinery as Client Operations Manager, and Cheyenne Meinecke as Client Experience Manager.

To learn more about the firm and the team at Alteri Wealth, please click here.


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